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Flue Duct Expansion Joint

Flextech Engineering, Inc. designs and supplies fabric, or non-metallic, expansion joints for a wide variety of applications. Fabric expansion joints need to be designed with many factors considered in order to ensure a long life. These factors include:

  • high temperatures
  • vibration
  • moisture build-up
  • pressure

Each expansion joint needs to be made with these factors in consideration. Flextech Engineering, Inc. designs and builds each expansion joint to meet the customer's unique application. Flextech can supply both entire assemblies (frames, liners, insulation) or any individual component. Click here to see some typical frame designs.

The following expansion joint materials are a sampling of the basic types available. Many additional customized expansion joint materials are also available.

The Positive Pressure Tube Seal has had great success in replacing metal bellows, packing glands, and other textile expansion boots in mild positive pressure service applications such as tube penetrations in HRSG and CO Boiler units.

Visit the Gallery to see pictures of our expansion joints.

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