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Frame Styles

A full expansion joint assembly consists of the fabric expansion joint and the metal frames (and an insulation pillow as required). There are many frame styles, with a large amount of variations. Below we have shown some of the more common arrangements. These frames can be welded or bolted in place. Flextech Engineering, Inc. thoroughly evaluates every aspect of the expansion joint frame design to help you determine the ideal arrangement for your application.

Simple Frame

This design, which can be with either angles or flat bar, is for an integral-flanged (or U-shaped) expansion joint.

Angle Frame (Stand-off)

These frames can be welded or bolted in place, and allow the expansion joint to be offset from the flow. With the inclusion of a liner/baffle this style allows the addition of an insulation pillow to reduce temperature or deflect particulate, such as fly ash. The insulation pillow can also be designed to be a “hanging” pillow, which is bolted in place with the expansion joint.


Incorporating telescoping liners/baffles, this style is typically used in cases of high temperature where an insulation pillow is used, or when there is particulate in the flow, a pillow/accumulation barrier is used to protect the expansion joint from abrasion and prevent build-up around the expansion joint. This also allows for an additional fly ash barrier to be installed between the two liners, for severe applications, such as a Cement Plant.

J/G Frame

This style allows for “slip-in” installation due to the “J” or “G” shaped bent angles. The Z-frame style liners are shown, however liners are optional.

Insulation Pillows

Flextech Engineering, Inc. recommends having insulation pillows fastened to the liner plates by use of insulation pins. This keeps the pillow in place during motions and flow pressure, and prevents separation from the angle during axial extension which allows heat paths (and particulate) access to the expansion joint.

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