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Specialty Products

Pigtail Jackets

Pigtail tubes connected to radiant inlet or outlet headers on Steam Methane Reformers are commonly insulated with ceramic blankets and covered with metal jacketing. The metal jacketing is very time consuming and tedious to install, and must be replaced after every tube inspection. Flextech Engineering's Pigtail Jackets are pre-fabricated jacket sections designed to fit over the various insulation covered radii and straight pipe sections. Since the jackets are pre-fabricated, a considerable amount of time is saved during field installation. These jackets can handle up to 550 deg F, are weatherproof, and can be removed and re-installed.

Custom jackets design to enclose insulation around pigtail tubes.

Calcium Silicate Insulation

Calcium Silicate insulation is a rigid high density material, with low weight and low thermal conductivity. This insulation can be formed to shape. Flextech Engineering, Inc. has commonly used this material as pipe insulation used as structural support points for the pigtail tubes on Steam Methane Reformers.

Kiln Seals

Composite joints used on rotary kilns in the aluminum industry.


Aluminized Tent, Flex Weld Boot, Spark Plug Boots, Insulation Pads, Manifold Covers, Muffler covers, Turbo Covers, and more.

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